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Please e-mail me at webmaster@elitegrounds.net If you have any files to add to the site.
Posted on 11 Jun 2010 by Celeron

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Posted on 07 Nov 2007 by Celeron

To gain access to private bots/files/hacks on www.elitegrounds.net please e-mail me at celeron@shaw.ca

Posted on 07 Aug 2007 by Celeron

I am willing to help fix your computer VIA online. E-mail me if you have any virus/trojan problems to celeron@shaw.ca for a fast response. I will be able to remote connect to your computer and support you while you watch! You may learn a thing or two as well!
Posted on 05 Jul 2007 by Celeron

looking for a graphics designer to help elitegrounds.net, please aim mystikownz if interested.
Posted on 19 Jun 2007 by Celeron

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Posted on 19 May 2007 by Celeron

[Plan set for DST computer change]
(AP) - Normally the switch to daylight-saving time isn't a big deal, but this Sunday, Jeff Ronner has to put people on the case. Ronner is a San Francisco-area field services manager for technology outsourcer Perot Systems Corp., and he handles computer systems for a big Perot client, Catholic Healthcare West. This week he was putting final touches on his plan to make certain that Catholic HealthCare's voicemail systems and other networks recognize daylight time.

Those computers, like those of all but the most recent vintage, probably were programmed to believe that daylight-saving time begins the first Sunday in April and ends the final Sunday in October. Those rules, in place for two decades, were overturned by a 2005 U.S. law that extended daylight-saving time by three weeks in the spring and one week in the autumn.

Posted on 12 Mar 2007 by Celeron

[Symantec releases Norton 360]
NEW YORK, NY From a personal computer safety standpoint, you must feel much more secure after downloading, installing and running Windows Defender from Microsoft, right?

Well, not so fast, hacker boy. Seems the “defense” in Windows Defender is playing a lot like the Edmonton Oiler defense these days and ‘round here, we’re calling that (insert colorful adjective here) “porous.”

“Windows Defender catches only 55% of spyware,” says Rowan Trollope, vice president of Consumer Products and Solutions at Cupertino, CA-based Symantec Corporation.
Posted on 12 Mar 2007 by Celeron

[Harper: Tax deadline won't be extended]
SASKTOON (CP) - While a computer glitch that is preventing people from filing their taxes online is "a very serious problem," it doesn't mean the deadline for filing a return will be extended, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday.

"All I can say is, we're obviously . . . on the backs of the department to get on with fixing this problem as soon as possible," Harper said.

"But we're confident at this point that it can be fixed in a way that will not disrupt the deadlines for tax filing."

Posted on 12 Mar 2007 by Celeron

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